Sound Solace

The brief for this three-storey semi-detached was to address the busy Upper East Coast Road facing the front of the house while providing a place of refuge away from its hustle and bustle. A large front building setback is used to park three cars while enabling them to exit head-first onto the road. Immediately after the car porch is a perforated granite-clad feature wall with a waterfall on its reverse side facing the interior. This, together with the white noise generated by the water feature and koi pond, provide an ambiance, which effectively shields the first storey from the noise and visual mess of the main road. Hiding behind this feature wall, the living, dining and kitchen areas surround a three-storey timber-clad box, which also supports the staircase from the second to third storeys. Both staircases (first-to-second and second-to-third) comprise solid glass stair threads spanning across either steel stringers or timber walls. Their structure also helps to bring in light through the deep three-storey stairwell itself. All the living spaces hide behind a commercial glass curtain wall on the front, which provides a seamless understated façade to the mess and clutter along the main road.


Type: New Erection of 3 Storey Semi-Detached Dwelling House
Location: Upper East Coast Road
Status: Completed June 2009
Main Contractor: Renobest Builder
Structural Engineer: Uni-Associated Design