Architecture is about crafting spaces for individuality while creating a new language to connect people. I believe that is an art which impacts feelings and perception of space.

De Quan

Architects create experiences through the design of spaces, elevating one’s living environment beyond that of a shelter. They forge relationships between spaces and its inhabitants, with each constantly informing and evolving the other, constructing living monuments that pays homage to the architect and the client.


Architecture is about designing a space. Architecture is about designing an experience. Architecture is about designing a lifestyle.


My architecture journey begins by building compassion and sensitivity towards my surrounding and people. It is amazing how for even the slightest change just by building a wall or tearing it down creates new opportunity that can impact one’s life.


Having ventured into this vocation reasoning that it is a balance between art and science, Aaron believes good architectural outcomes distill the tension between a multiplicity of ideals. What often emerges after successfully navigating the process is a built work of simple elegance.. and a pleased client. Aaron is passionate about learning macro economic trends, caffeine hunting & supporting Manchester United.


An architect is an author who delicately composes every element, texture, light, and shadow to tell the story of architecture.


People and architecture are interconnected, one would not exist without the other. It can be seen as a story telling tool as it conveys our culture and memories. I believe that the way we build could affect the way we live, our emotional and behaviour


An architect’s best gift is the one of affecting change through the crafting of beautiful and meaningful spaces for the betterment of society. Accentuating curves are nice, but there is far greater satisfaction in telling the stories of people through design. Always in the mood for fun, Coco lives by the mantra of “don’t take life too seriously, it’s not like you will get out of it alive”.


Wesley believes that architects today should take a position to address social and climatic issues that shape the world we live in, while taking in the physical and mental comfort of being human into consideration and generate an architecture that is innovative, honest and sensuous.


Good architectural design brings out the quiddity of spaces. Jacelyn believes that architecture should be inspiring and multi-faceted. She has keen interest in exploring new architecture language through experimentation.


Juperi believes that talent is God given, be humble. Fame is man-given, be thankful, conceit is self given, be careful.


Nicholas' passion in architecture was sparked when he stumbled upon the course by chance. Since then, he's put down roots but still is amazed at how random lines become tangible forms. Nicholas believes that good design should be simple, honest, and sensuous. Beyond architecture, he enjoys reading and experiencing new cultures.


Art has always been a key interest since Thomas was young, with the desire to become an artist one day. However, to fulfill his parents’ wish for a more practical career, he chose one that is closest to art – architecture.

 Besides architecture, he is equally interested in theatre, chinese calligraphy and graphics.


Quiet and considerate, May enjoys cooking for her family on the weekends. She finds it relaxing to watch drama series in Cantonese, as it's a dialect that she's grown up with.


Principal Architect and founder, Han believes in an architecture of simplicity, honesty and direct personal expression. He draws his inspiration from art from the Italian renaissance to the abstract expressionists. Han enjoys lots of music, good food and loves watching movies.