Multi-Family Housing – Toh Crescent

December 2017

This cluster-housing, residential development consists of ten units of semi-detached houses arranged around an entrance court, which forms a main communal space. The court is dominated by three cascading swimming pools (adult, child and toddler), with three frangipani trees growing along the water’s edge. Situated around the water feature are the unit entrances and perforated granite walls, which enclose each unit’s private courtyard. The courtyard and entrance foyer act as a transition zone between public and private spaces.

The living areas face the external perimeter and have their own private garden. On the second level, the junior master faces the central space but is kept private with a timber screen. Adjoining this screen is a balcony, which looks out over the public space, connecting residents to other units and the pool area.

Edited by Hannah Jenkins
Photography Derek Swalwell