Mini Building – Intermediate Stories

December 2018 – Intermediate Sotries

Architect: HYLA Architects / Han Loke Kwang

When the planning authority revised the planning guidelines for landed housing by allowing more flexibility in the internal layouts, it gave us the opportunity to re-examine the typology for an intermediate terrace house. Typically, the main problem for houses of this type is that the living areas, being located on the ground floor would look into the car parking at the front. In this house, an extra level has been inserted making this a four storey house in a 2.5 storey zone. The ground floor, which is just slightly below the existing level, is where the parking and service areas are. This frees the 2nd level to be the main living areas with its double volume space and private courtyard. The courtyard is screened by a custom concrete air block, which is designed to be a climbing wall for one of the owner’s cats. A mezzanine level holds the 2 kids’ rooms, whilst the master and study room is placed at the attic. The house is finished in off form concrete and a grey facebrick which contrasts very nicely with the warmth of the timber used throughout for floors and furniture. The cantilevered staircase is done entirely in an insitu off form concrete, with a steel edge to hold the banisters.