The Sculpted Space

Belonging to an art collector’s family, the house draws inspiration from the definition of an art gallery itself – a container of artworks. Each architectural element of the house, therefore, is designed as a piece of art – bold, vigorous, expressive. In this house, we aim to promote the presence of art, not just in the space dedicated for it, but also in every design element.

The main body of the house is expressed in a solid off-form concrete volume. The choice of concrete not only provides an ideal background for the artworks but also is timeless and requires absolutely zero maintenance. The concrete screen and trellis, designed around the swimming pool as a modern colosseum, allows the house to be naturally ventilated and cool without relying on any mechanical system. The swimming pool itself is contained in a ‘gallery’ – the concrete screen enclosure. This is the main view of the house, a semi-outdoor open space that starts from the formal dining room, going along the whole living area, and extends all the way to the front. A poetic component that blurs the boundaries between internal and external. The spiral staircase is the centerpiece of the pool, crafted in patinated brass, connecting the spaces of art: The Foyer, The Lounge & Gallery, The Sculpture Garden. It is designed as a piece of sculpture sitting in the water, like a statue welcoming the visitor in a gallery. Last but not least, the internal vertical connection of the house which doubles up as a library, directly opens to the main Study room. Wrapped in timber veneer, the piece brings warmth to the space. The staggering pattern of the shelves and slanted supports below the stair treads add an intricate touch to the interior.

Name: The Sculpted Space
Type: 2 storey detached house with attic, basement and swimming pool
Location: Dunbar Walk, Singapore
Site Area: 497 m2
Gross Floor Area: 623 m2
Status: Completed 2020
Architect: HYLA Architects
Principal Architect: Mr Han Loke Kwang
Assistant Architects: Tan Tiong Li, Tran Thi Thu Trang, Thomas Ong
Main Contractor: : Emma Groups Construction Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: GCE Consulting Engineers
Landscape: Green Forest Landscape Pte Ltd
Interior: Thung Interior Contractor
Photographer: Daniel Koh