New Shades

This semi-detached house on a quiet residential corner faces the hot western afternoon sun. A new overhanging roof structure creates a 2-storey high verandah, which faces the main garden.

From this structure, a motorised aluminium screen hangs, to shelter the house from the heat. The horizontal expression of this screen is carried through to other details in the house such as the entrance gate, which consists of round timber battens held between steel supports. In the master suite, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet is clad with timber battens to give a tropical warmth to the space, whereas in the ground floor powder room, oak timber was used to create a wall-to-ceiling canopy.


Type: Additions & Alterations to Existing 2-Storey Semi-Detached Dwelling House
Location: Namly Drive
Status: Completed February 2004
Main Contractor: Toh Kum Swee Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: S B Ng & Associates C.E.