Intervening Light

The intermediate terrace house faces west so exposure to the sun became a primary concern in the design. The brief is for a multi-generational family spanning 4 generations. By introducing a mezzanine floor, the house is divided vertically from oldest to youngest. The front of the house has a rich pattern of horizontal aluminium screens whose density, profile and spacing is determined by the need for sun-shading to the spaces behind. A double volume living and dining hall showcases the owner’s rich collection of antique Straits Chinese furniture. In front of that is a spacious terrace which also serves as an intermediate zone to the front garden,

A unique feature is the design of the staircase which is located in front to allow each member to access their area without disturbing the rest. Each staircase tread is made up of 5 pieces of timber individually supported by a steel section and this is cantilevered from the adjacent wall structure. The lightness of the structure echoes the design of the front façade. At the upper levels, the younger generation have a more contemporary feel. By carefully introducing a courtyard and terraces, light is brought into this inter-house whilst carefully controlling the heat.

Name: Intervening Light
Type: 2 storey corner terrace house with mezzanine & attic
Location: Sunset Way, Singapore
Site Area: 285 m2
Gross Floor Area: 477 m2
Status: Completed 2019
Architect: HYLA Architects
Principal Architect: Mr Han Loke Kwang
Assistant Architects: Tiffany Ow, Thomas Ong, Diana Ong, Yao Tian
Main Contractor: : Praxis Contractors
Interior: Thung Interior Contractor
Landscape: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: GCE Consulting Engineers
Photographer: Daniel Koh