Harmonious “Timbre”

This compact semi-detached house with a swimming pool faces a busy residential road and the challenge is to provide privacy for the occupants. The entire side of the first storey opens out to the swimming pool and deck. The full height glass sliding doors to the living and dining area can be pushed all the way to the back thereby creating an ‘outdoor’ room. The staircase is made with timber treads that are hung on steel rods, giving it a most delicate and light screen which also acts as the balustrade. On the first storey there is a timber screen behind the staircase which gradually becomes more open from one side to the other, hiding the wet kitchen while revealing the dry kitchen. This detail is repeated in the front façade but in the opposite direction to give the master bathroom privacy.

Type: 2-Storey Semi-Detached House with Swimming Pool, Basement and Attic
Location: Greenwood Avenue
Status: Completed
Main Contractor: iBuilders Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: PTS Consultants
Landscape: Nyee Phoe Landscape