Screened Twins

This modest pair of west-facing semi-detached houses sit on an original semi-detached site which was subsequently detached and subdivided again. Both houses are raised off the ground, with “basement” parking at road level. On the 1st floor, a small swimming pool and landscaped deck front the living and dining spaces. The master bedroom on the 2nd floor faces the west and Crescent Road. Although identical, both units have differing and unique master bathrooms encased in frosted glass walls – one round and the other square in plan. At the attic, the study room opens out to a rooftop terrace offering expansive views of the central business district skyline. The entire western facade is screened by operable aluminium louvers providing solar control while enabling the western views to be retained. When occupied, the interplay and angles of the screens give the building a subtle individual dynamism and character.


Type: New Erection of 2-Storey Semi-Detached Dwelling House with Attic and Swimming Pool
Location: 28B / 28C Crescent Road
Status: Completed August 2008
Main Contractor: J-Kho Engineering Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer:
Uni-Associated Consultants
GCE Consulting Engineering