Singapore Residence – Belimbing Avenue

Singapore Residence

A light well with a reflecting pool divides this intermediate terrace house into two blocks. The light well is covered at the
top with a glass and timber trellis providing shelter from the rain and yet still allowing light and ventilation to pass through
the entire house. The staircase runs along the side and underneath it is a gently cascading water feature which feeds into the

Architectural Design
On the first storey, a screen / display shelf divides the staircase from the living room. The living, dining and dry kitchen occupy
the front block and are in one continuous space, whilst the wet kitchen and service areas are in the rear block. A timber
bridge crosses the water feature from the first to the second block.
The top of the stair well is also covered in glass and timber. The timber trellis is hung on steel cables giving it a gentle camber.
The stairs lead to the roof terrace on the attic level where the master bedroom is. The master bathroom has a similar
timber trellis detail over the bath and shower area, but with smaller and round timber sections to fit the smaller scale of the
space. The connecting bridges on the second storey and attic level are all not in line with the first level bridge thereby giving
a greater sense of space in the light well.

The whole house is in off form concrete and tropical timbers of teak and chengal.

Writer: JTart Publishing
Photographer: Derek Swalwell