d+a – Shelford Condominium

d+a Issue 013.2005

The Shelford is a 215-unit freehold condominium set on a sprawling site at 1 Shelford Road. It has two clusters formed by a total of seven blocks, each of five storeys plus attic. This is complemented with a lush wooded landscaping created by award-winning architect Belt Collins. The Shelford exudes the ambience of a hillside resort on an elevated and undulating terrain.

The user group comprises mainly young couples just starting life together. They embrace new age lifestyles and have frequent social events at their homes. Hence, the kitchen design revolves around the idea of extending the kitchen as part of the entertaining area of the living and dining areas. This is expressed through the introduction of a serving window with sliding clear glass panels. It enhances the visual interface between the two areas where guests get to admire the host’s culinary skills. It also doubles up as a cocktail bar counter. The choice of finishes adopts a modernist sleek approach. Simple and neutral tones of black-white combinations are selected. Unique and subtle details such as the designed positioning of the cabinet handles added some ‘play’ to the overall cabinet design.

The user group comprises mainly families with children. They are likely to embrace family-oriented lifestyles and social events. The kitchen design also played on the idea of extending the kitchen as a part of the living and dining areas where the family usually gathers. Similar expression of a serving window with sliding clear glass panels is adopted. It doubles up as a servery and breakfast counter. This ‘window’ also allow the parents who are cooking in the kitchen to keep an eye on their children playing in the living room. A contemporary approach was adopted for the choice of finishes. Warm and earthy tones of beige and off-white combination are selected.

Both kitchens are designed to have user-friendly cabinets with well-planned storage space. The lower cabinets are of laminate finish while the upper cabinets have frosted glazed doors. This adds a touch of class to the overall look of the cabinets. Imported cooking appliances, wares and fittings are of cool stainless steel finish in contrast to the solid feel of the Corian top with carefully selected tones to match the cabinets.

· white glazed ceramic tile walls
· corian counter top
· Siemens oven, hob and hood
· Hwaco deluxe stainless steel sink
· Challeng Jazz series kitchen mixer

Architecture by: Chan Sau Yan Associates (CSYA)
Interiors by: CSYA in collaboration with HYLA Architects