Green Revelation

This detached house features 6 separate gardens and courtyards at various levels of the house. As it is surrounded by other houses with the rear neighbours being higher, privacy was a major concern. A courtyard is created at the back of the house to screen the house and at the same time let light and ventilation in. Landscape areas cascade upwards culminating in the rooftop pool. As the house is facing west, the front façade has a unique sliding aluminium screen that protects the house from the heat without obstructing the views. On the ground floor, a deep terrace clad with timber provides shade to the house and at the same time a great spot to enjoy the beautiful garden and koi pond. Internally, the living room has a double volume space and so does the family room on the second level. This faces the courtyard with a grotto and is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Name: Green Revelation
Type: 3 storey detached house with attic and rooftop swimming pool
Location: Mariam Close, Singapore
Site Area: 568 m2
Gross Floor Area: 650 m2
Status: Completed 2019
Architect: HYLA Architects
Principal Architect: Mr Han Loke Kwang
Assistant Architects: Tiffany Ow, Diana Yong, Yao Tian, Thomas Ong
Landscape Architect: Humid House
Main Contractor: : Emma Groups Construction Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: Thymn Pte Ltd
Photographer: Masano Kawana