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Sited at the end of a cul-de-sac, this property used to be a semi-detached residence. The new building detaches itself from its adjacent neighbour, creating a standalone bungalow. A long water feature and landscaped bamboo strip mediates the new building from the blank party wall of the neighbour. Four bedrooms, a study and a family space on the 2nd storey are contained in a pure white concrete box which is supported at one end by a teak-cladded services area on the 1st storey. The other end of the 2nd storey cantilevers more than 9 metres and overlooks a neighbourhood park immediately behind. This white box hovers seamlessly above the living and dining spaces. The rear boundary fence is openable, thus enabling the entire house to open directly into the park behind. The result is a dramatic expanse of greenery for the occupants to enjoy.

Type: New Erection of 2-Storey Detached Dwelling House
Location: Binchang Rise
Status: Completed September 2007
Main Contractor: Toh Kum Swee Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: KKC Consultancy Service