Trends Kitchen – Grove Drive

Trends Magazine (USA Kitchen) Vol 21 No 8 issue

Elements of nature
Introducing an internal water feature will always help create a soothing meditative atmosphere in a home. It can also bring an element of space and the outdoors into the house.

It was for these reasons that architect Han Loke Kwang, partner in HYLA Architects, introduced a small fish pond into the kitchen and living space of this house.

“I find that the sight and sound of water has calming psychological benefits. And the skylight above the pool, at the centre of the house, allows an abundance of natural light and ventilation into the kitchen and living areas,” he says.

The natural theme of the interior of this home is continued and accentuated by the use of two types of local wood.

“Balau, a native wood, is the dark-red-colored wood used for the flooring by the goldfish pond. In the kitchen itself, the use of an oak veneer brings a lighter feeling to the area.”

The kitchen can be divided in two by a glass partition, which is slid back into a wall recess behind the rectangular island bench when not in use.

Both areas feature cooktops, and a series of stainless steel sheets from a backsplash that runs the entire length of both work areas.

On one side of the partitions, towards the rear of the house, is the wet kitchen – predominantly a preparation area, which can be naturally ventilated by opening outside doors.

The dry kitchen, which features a large island bench with a cantilevered granite countertop, is used primarily for cooking, presentation and casual dining.

“The island is the central focus of the room,” says Han. “It provides a multi-use space that can be used by the owner, who enjoys cooking, as a preparation area, yet she can still communicate with other people in the room.”

Publisher: Trends Publishing International
Photographs: Tim Nolan