Contemporary Asian Bedrooms – Capricorn Drive

Contemporary Asian Bedrooms – 2005

Light Fantastic
For Han Loke Kwang of HYLA, who designed this Singapore house, one of the things he loves best about the master bedroom is the “open relationship between the bedroom and the bathroom, each making the other more interesting.”

Picture 1: The sliding timber louvers and cantilevered roof give the bedroom a tree house feel.

Picture 2: These accessories from Lifestorey accentuate the rust and orange color tones used in the room.

Picture 3: The main features of the room are transparency and neatness of design. The wall doubles as headboard, concealing the wardrobe, and houses these unusual air-conditioning vents from Japan. The clothes horse and two white vases from X.TRA Living introduce a very modern element to the room.

Publisher: Periplus Editions
Text: Karina Zabihi and Chamsai Jotisalikorn
Photographs: Luca Invernizzi Tettoni